Focus and Scope

The focus and scope of Jurnal Mengkaji Indonesia encompass a diverse array of subjects and methodologies within the social sciences, providing a comprehensive platform for scholarly exploration and analysis. The journal is dedicated to publishing articles that delve into recent or contemporary studies on Indonesia, offering insights from disciplines such as sociology, social anthropology, political science, cultural studies, public administration, and legal studies.

In sociology and social anthropology, Jurnal Mengkaji Indonesia welcomes research that investigates various aspects of Indonesian society, including social structures, cultural practices, and community dynamics. Political science contributions may delve into comparative politics, exploring Indonesia's political systems and processes in relation to those of other nations, as well as local politics, examining grassroots movements and governance at the regional level.

Cultural studies articles within the journal examine the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture, encompassing traditions, art forms, and cultural identities. Public administration research explores public policy issues within Indonesia, analyzing government initiatives, administrative processes, and policy outcomes. Finally, Legal Studies articles focus on constitutional law and customary law, offering critical insights into Indonesia's legal framework and its intersection with societal norms and traditions.

By providing a platform for interdisciplinary research and fostering dialogue across various fields, Jurnal Mengkaji Indonesia contributes to a deeper understanding of Indonesia's complexities and challenges. Through its focus on recent developments and contemporary issues, the journal aims to facilitate meaningful discussions and generate knowledge that can inform both academic discourse and practical interventions, ultimately contributing to the advancement of scholarship and the betterment of Indonesian society.